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Monday, October 22, 2012

Things to do before I turn 30

I noticed quite awhile ago that I've stopped learning new things.  Well, at least new things for myself.  I've learned a lot about dogs, my specialty fields and making money......

But, in some ways I stopped learning as a person.  I have a little over 3 years before I turn 30 and I'd like to spend that time to discover some things I want to accomplish, for me, before that time.  I've been pondering for awhile and I've thought of one.

Things to Do Before I Turn 30

Listen to the Soundtrack of 100 musicals
-   I've always listened to music that other people like.  I even listen to my husband's playlist in the car. My favorite music, however, is that from musicals.  This is what I sing in the shower, or while cleaning.  I've just never taken time to develop a playlist.  In fact, the musicals I sing are the same ones I sang in middle school. I've never taken the time to listen to or develop my knowledge of more musicals than those which I knew when I was a pre-teen.  Some of these, I don't even know the story, just a few songs.  So, my first goal is to listen to the soundtrack of 100 musicals.  I think this is doable and I will enjoy it thoroughly and feel richer for it.  Along with this goal is the desire to actually make a playlist and listen to it in the car.

Musical #1: The Last Five Years


  1. I have Wicked and Phantom of the Opera (movie, not play) if you want them. I never listen to them anymore.

  2. Thank you! They will certainly be on the list. Wicked I have seen twice, but Phantom of the Opera, I know the songs, but not the story. I am able to actually watch and listen to a lot on youtube though, so it's working well. I'm now onto Musical #2 - Chess.