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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Preparing for the SAT - From Birth

I've recently started tutoring a kiddo who needs some help on the SAT.  We are doing grammar work, but in going over the copy of his PSAT, I realized how difficult a lot of the vocabulary is.

Which led to my new goal.

- Use an SAT vocabulary in every day speech and particularly with the children I work with.
1) I want to be one of those people who has a large vocabulary.
2) I want to raise my child to have a large vocabulary.
3) I want to be preparing the kids I work with early on for succeeding in college.

I've realized that I tend to repeat the same phrases over and over and over again.  One thing I say is, "you worked so diligently!"  Most of my kids are in 2nd and 3rd grade. They didn't know that word before, but they do now.

I'm excited, this will be a new business practice. 

- talisman: lucky charm
EX: Tutor: "Is that your talisman?"
       Student: "Ummm, what's a talisman?"
       Tutor: "You know, your lucky charm.  My talisman is my wedding ring."

Then, they can choose a talisman if they want.  Or we could come up with something like, "do you need a talisman?? nope - because you're pure talent."  Or, "I really want you to do well, so I'm rubbing my talisman"

So many creative ways to teach them vocabulary in a natural way.

Words for this week: talisman, abhor, placid


  1. Preparation is the key to succeeding SAT. SAT prep queens could be tough. I think I could manage passing and even getting a high result.

  2. Despite being an avid reader and an English Language major, I have always suffered in the vocabulary department.

    1. I guess it all depends on who you compare yourself to. The SAT vocabulary is really difficult!