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Friday, July 22, 2016
How is it already 7:15am?   It's Friday.  I have no work, only my sweet family.  How wonderful!

I'm looking forward to getting out of the house.


8am - try to get J into swim class, work towards getting everyone out to explore nature
8:30am - nature hike & picnic
10:00am - bank, drop off money to mechanics (so grateful to the mechanics)
10:15am - library storytime
12:00pm - pool

Home for lunch and cleaning up.  Maybe craft and then maybe tonight a kids concert at the park or farmer's markets.  At some point, we need to do some grocery shopping too.  We may skip library story time.  Maybe not.

Hubby woke up early this morning and ran 5 miles.  He's now doing plyometrics on the side of our house.  It's great to see him walking by.  SUPER inspiring!

J is in a huge whiny egocentric stage (I'm sure she gets it from me!).  She does beautifully when I ask her to speak to me more kindly, but the whining grates on me.  She is so innocent and sweet and honest.  I love so many things about her, but her inability to regulate, just gets me anxious too.  It's better when we aren't in the house because things are more structured.  Or maybe just when I give her my full attention.  When I am doing my meditations, drinking my tea and writing in my journal, I'm not giving her my 100% attention and that is tough for any almost three year old.

Anyways....... today, should be wonderful.  I am so enjoying these Summer days.  I also need to call the Jiffylube person again and get their insurance information to make a claim.  The district manager I spoke with last night was very rude and I was upset by the conversation until I went to the pool.  I really love going to the pool with those girls.


Quote for Today
Attending Al-Anon meetings is but one part of a balanced recovery journey. 
"After hearing slogans like 'Keep It Simple' and 'First Things First,' I came to realize that I was no help to anyone when I wasn't physically or mentally taking care of myself." Living Today in Alateen, p. 76

Slogans for Today: keep it simple, first things first, one day at a time

I'm going to try to be gentle with myself.

Gratitude List
1.  Hubby's Health
2.  Hubby's new psychologist being FREE (woo hoo!)
3.  Taxes being done.  Tax refund.
4.  L and J's health
5.  The public pool
6.  The fact that hubby is teaching the kids Spanish.
7.  Food


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