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Sunday, July 24, 2016
I enjoy listening to the birds while writing.

I missed my journal entry yesterday and it was a mess of a day.  Full blown regression. Goodbye to kind awesome wifey F and eating plan.  Hello to compulsive eater and woman of resentment.

Today, however, is a new day.  My kids don't seem to realize I was a mess and Hubby is incredibly forgiving.  I was just thinking a walk to Starbucks might be nice.  It was so hot yesterday, it might be nice to get an early start.

That being said.  I am very tired.  I know I need water.  I need to take today one day at a time and I need to trust higher power.  And I need to be kind and gentle to myself.

Quote for the day
Realizing that my resentments are not necessary or protective opened the door to change. I began relying on my Higher Power to show me healthier ways to speak for myself in situations where I felt hurt or damaged. I took a deep breath and allowed my Higher Power to dismantle a powerfully self-destructive character defect. I became entirely willing.

Slogan: "I can't.  He can.  I think I'll let him."  One Day at a time.  HALT

1.  J
2.  L
3.  Health
4.  Safe place to live
5.  Bird's call

**My head hurts badly,  good thoughts for me that I have the right attitude towards this. 


  1. I love listening to birds too. I'm sorry you had a regression day. I can definitely relate to that. Your attitude, honesty, and vulnerability are so inspiring!