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Sunday, July 24, 2016
I'm so tired.  It's the middle of the night and I woke up with ants all over our bed.  Lovely, right?

Spraying around the perimeter of the house worked pretty well, initially.  But, now they are coming out of the oven (yes! horrifying!), our heater and the connecting parts around our toilet.  I realized I have stopped apologizing for killing them tonight.  They are also coming from somewhere in our bedroom.  I think it's behind our bed, so I have to move that.  I hate using poison in the house, but I did in the bathroom.  It's supposed to be safe for pets and kids once dry, but.... I don't like it.  But, the other stuff doesn't seem to keep them away.

Anyways.............. I'm having trouble going back to sleep and my allergies are bad.  I thought venting it out, might help.  I want to be on my bed, rather than the sofa.  But... well.... ants!  J is tucked away on a safe part of the bed.

I think the next best decision is just to TRY to sleep.  And give it a good go.  Let my body relax and look forward to a fun day tomorrow.

Written early morning of 7/23.  Just posted a bit late.


  1. One morning in middle school, I made toaster waffles for breakfast. After eating several bites, I noticed black specks floating in the syrup bottle. I looked down at my plate and saw them too. You guessed it: dead ants. Yum! jk