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Monday, August 1, 2016

A Bit About my Grandma

L is still asleep and until she wakes, I'd like to get a bit more out about my Grandma.

My grandma lived for 98 years.  She was 70 years old when I was born.  She was the perfect Grandma.......... and we were very close.  There were times in my life when I called my Grandma every single day.  Our conversations were mutually beneficial.

My grandma was an intelligent woman who loved her family fiercely.  She was an optimist and believed in the power of positive thinking.  She refused medical care for most of her life, as she was Christian Scientist and only accepted medicine when in her mid 90s.  When you asked her how she was doing, her stock answer was "terrific."  And she meant it.  She was a grateful woman and believed things would "work out ok."  She believed in me and she believed in my sister.  She loved to hear about our lives and to participate in them.  For my young life, she came to visit us almost every weekend, an hour's drive.  Later, we came to visit her.  Before dementia set in and when she was still an hour from me, I drove down to see her every weekend.  She adored Oso.  When dementia hit, she would often be afraid that something had happened to Oso or have visions of something bad happening to him.  

My Grandma was retired the entire time that I knew her, but she was not idle.  She had many hobbies: ceramic plate painting, playing the organ and piano, gardening and singing in the choir.  She was very active in her church, serving on the board until very late in her life.  She volunteered with those with mental and physical disabilities.  She kept in contact with her family in Israel and on the East Coast.  She maintained friendships for 70 years +.  She wrote letters to the editor that were published throughout her life and was involved in politics (although I don't know this side of her very well).  She also volunteered for positions in her community, she was the safety officer of her building.  She took classes offered through the local University, and hosted in her community.  She took multiple classes every semester (sometimes 4 or 5).  When she was young, she headed a marriage couples club called the "Ball and Chain club."  She loved the ocean.

She actually divorced my grandpa during a time where this was very unusual.  She was a working mom and raised three children by herself.  I know very little about this time in her life, but I know that it must have taken a great amount of courage.

I could go on and on.  I believe that my positive outlook on life comes from my Grandma.  I have always wanted to be like her.  She drank tea, rather than coffee.  She served us root beer floats every time we visited her.  Most importantly, she loved us unconditionally.

By the time she died, there were few left to celebrate her.  I am sure that her legacy, however, lives on through the many many lives she touched in her 98 years.

L is awake now and so I'm going to spend time with my little ones.  Very grateful to have this woman in our family and in my life.


  1. Wow, she sounds amazing! :) So glad you had a wonderful grandma.

    1. Thanks, Cheski! I am so glad, as well. She really couldn't have been a better Grandma.