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Monday, August 22, 2016
I take such pleasure in Monday mornings.....  

This week marks a lot of endings for us.  The end of speech therapy, the end of OT Gym, the end of J being two.  The mornings are darker and we are making an obvious shift into the months of Fall.  While Autumn has always been my the season I claim as my "favorite," I think I may be switching it to the Summer.  What fun we've had this Summer.  Our trip to Zion/Vegas, my 30th birthday, L turning 1, my friend J's wedding, high school friend reunions, and so so many days in the pool.  

What the Autumn brings is a bit of a mystery.  More days at the nature center, for certain....

Alright, time for me to get to business. 

Passage 1
If a sharp thorn or a splinter pierces my hand, what do I do? I remove it as quickly as I can. Surely I wouldn't leave it there, hurting me, until it festered and sent its infection throughout my body.
Yet what do I do with the thorns of resentment and hatred when they pierce my thoughts? Do I leave them there and watch them grow, while I suffer increasingly from the pain?
True, resentment and hatred are more difficult to pull out of our thoughts that the physical thorn from a finger, but so much depends upon it that I will do my best to eliminate them, before their poison can spread.
Today's Reminder 
If I really do not want to be hurt, and if I am sure that self-pity isn't giving me a certain secret satisfaction, I will take all the steps necessary to free my mind from painful thoughts and emotions. the best way to do this is not by grimly exerting will power, but by replacing those hurting ideas with thoughts of love and gratitude. 
"Thou has not half the power to me harm, as I have to be hurt." (William Shakespeare: Othello)

Passage 2
My Al-Anon recovery involves becoming aware of what motivates my choices. I was appalled to discover that fear ruled my life! I seemed to be afraid of everything! I was afraid to say. "No," to show hurt or anger, to be confused. With clenched teeth and a painted-on smile, I'd say, "Oh no, everything's okay," while thinking, "There'll come a day when I'll get even." Even that scared me because I was afraid of my own anger!
Many of my Al-Anon friends used the slogans to deal with their fears, but when fear engulfed me, all I could think of was "Came to believe . . ." I couldn't finish the rest of the Second Step, but that one phrase was enough. So when the telephone rang and I was startled and beginning to imagine the worst, I would take a deep breath and say to myself, "Came to believe . . ." Then it became possible to pick up the phone. And I always hung up feeling so much lighter because we had handled it!
Today's Reminder 
Before taking any action, I need only remind myself that I am in the care of a Higher Power. Whether the words I use say, "Help!" or "Let Go and Let God," or "Came to believe," I know that my Higher Power and I can deal with whatever we are facing. 
"We turn our will and our life over to the care of God as we understand Him. A Higher Power is like a friend who really cares about us and wants to share our problems." Alateen -- a day at a time

Gratitude List
1) Grateful for health
2) Grateful for a Higher Power that loves me
3) Grateful for the capacity to learn
4) Grateful for health
5) Grateful for nutritious food!


  1. I love autumn too! I'm glad you had such a wonderful summer.

    I too let fear rule my life. It's paralyzing.