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Thursday, August 11, 2016
It is a morning filled with such possibility.  I am such a morning gal.  I'm so grateful for this beautiful morning.

A fun thing...

My neighbor goes to work on his skateboard.  He is probably 5-10 years older than us, wears his curly gray hair back in a ponytail and rides a skateboard to work.  Also very well to do.  He doesn't NEED to ride to work on a skateboard.  His wife stays home and walks the dog a gazillion times a day.  They are pretty darn cool.  We've got to invite them over for dinner.  It was so great to be close to our old neighbors and I'd love to facilitate that happening again.

What else?

I made a connection with a woman my age at Al Anon yesterday.  I've realized that I take a role of submission when dealing with older people sometimes and I need to be careful about it getting in the way of my recovery.

I'm staying home this morning instead of doing anything before Speech Therapy.  We have speech, pool and then some grocery shopping.  Business planning is going well and I am, surprisingly, finding time to plan and research it.  I want to try to start selling soon, although I'm not quite ready yet... I'm getting there.  It's getting easier to believe in myself as the plan gets more clear.  I keep thinking to myself, "If he can do it or she can do it, I can do it too."  "Why not me?"

L has her first dentist appt. tomorrow.  Anyways......  fantastic quotes for today!

Quote 1

"There are times when I have to hurt through a situation and when this happens, the choice is not whether to hurt or not to hurt, but what to do while I am hurting." . . . In All Our Affairs

**This is one that I hope to look back at again and again.  It speaks so much truth to me.  I think my goal is to reach out when hurting.  "There are times when I have to hurt through a situation" and I hope to reach out to my higher power and others to extend my humanity and draw closer to God, rather than to isolate and grow deeper into a world of depression and pain or lash out at someone I love.  This is a model I want for myself and for my girls as well.

Quote 2

"The healing is in the hearing" is a simple yet weighty truth in Al-Anon. I hear myself in others' experiences and find myself in our shared emotions. In learning to feel compassion and acceptance for my fellow members, I learn to feel the same for myself. I receive strength from their strength and hope from their hope, believing that if they can heal, so can I. Nothing can take the place of personally witnessing the healing, change, and growth of other Al-Anon members. That's all the encouragement I need to keep working my program together with others who struggle with this insidious disease.

"It is, in fact, in the sharing of our diversity and unique experience that we break down our walls of isolation, grow in understanding, realize we are not alone and learn we are entitled to full, happy, and productive lives." 

*Once again, I am seeking a connected life!

Gratitude List
1) a healthy mind
2) my double stroller from my Grandma
3) clean drinking water
4) cuddles with my little ones
5) a sweet hubby who is trying

On another note, Jiffy Lube is blowing me off.  They denied my claim without talking to me or seeing the faulty part.  I think I'll get my courage back up to make another call to corporate today.  

Ok, off to a wonderful day. 

Slogans - Today, I'm ready to enjoy my day.  So many of the slogans are with coping.  Today, I don't want to focus on why's though.  One slogan I can use is HOW - Honest Open Willing.  That is how I want to approach today, being Honest Open Willing.  


  1. I tend to be submissive to not only older people, but also anyone with authority, credibility, or even height. I have such a hard time seeing myself as an adult on equal ground with others.

    I prefer "Why not me" to "if X can do it, so can I." For me, the latter has a comparison focus, whereas the former is more self-focused. Either way, yes, you can do it!