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Thursday, August 25, 2016
Last night's sleep was pretty bad.  I'm grateful that I will get a chance for some good sleep tonight.

Today is J's third bday. .  Three years ago, after laboring through the night at home, we made our way to the hospital to meet our little girl.  It seems like it was so long ago.  

I should probably write down some milestones J has hit.  Just in the last month, she's learned to ride her tricycle and swim about three foot distance in water.  She can read sentences made up sight words only.  mmm.  What other milestones do you track at this age?  Her speech therapist, said she is at a 3.5 year level for speech, so that's good.  She can do a forward roll and jump really high.  She can eat food pretty neatly.  

None of that really matters though.  We are just so grateful to have her sweet presence in her life.  She is so bubbly and joyful and creative!  Life is so much fun with the J girl in our life.  :)

Ok, let's get to some good ol' passages....

Passage 1
Have I ever accomplished anything good while my emotions were churning with hysteria? Am I aware that reacting on impulse -- saying the first thing that pops into my head -- defeats my own purposes? I couldn't lose by stopping to think: Easy does it. Wouldn't any crisis shrink to manageable size if I could wait a little while to figure out what is best to do? Unless I'm sure I'm pouring oil on troubled, and not on raging fire, it might be best to do and say nothing until things calm down. Easy does it.
Today's Reminder 
It may take a bit of self-control to back away from conflict and confusion. But it's wonderful protection for my peace of mind. Unless I can say or do something to quell the storm, I'll only be inflicting punishment on myself. And each little battle I win -- with myself -- makes the next one easier.. Take it easy, for easy does it. It will all seem much less important tomorrow!
"Quietness is a great ally, my friend. As long as I keep my poise, I will do nothing to make bad matters worse."

**This is an area I've improved upon and still can improve upon further.  I grew up hearing not to go to bed angry.  It's even in the Bible, right?  Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.  I used that mistakenly to understand that we needed to solve any arguments before the day ended.  All conflicts needed to be solved, regardless of whether we were hungry, angry, lonely, tired or overwhelmed and if the other person didn't want to solve them, then I needed to "make" them with an urgency to the matter.  Of course, that worked BEAUTIFULLY because we can certainly control others, right?  Ok.... so it didn't go so well.  And then, there I was....early in our marriage... before any addiction troubles made it messy... thinking, "Why do I have a husband who won't finish our argument before the sun goes down."  
Phew.  What a way to misinterpret!   And mess up my boundaries... and not respect my spouse...  Hubby is a patient man!  So, program taught me to respect others if they don't feel ready to talk at the moment.  Not only to respect and accept others when they don't want to talk, but to feel ok with that.  I also know that Ephesians says, "Let not the sun go down upon YOUR wrath."  They aren't talking about making someone else do anything.  I am responsible for my own anger and diffusing it.  A great way I've learned to diffuse anger??? Boundaries, self care and gratitude!  And what the passage talks about...not making any decisions until calm.  Knowing that it will feel better tomorrow and having the poise to refrain from action until I take care of ME.  

Passage 2
When students first learn to play the piano, they are usually taught to use only one hand and include very few keys. Then they move on to using two hands, eventually learning to play all the keys, the high ones as well as the low. In fact, part of the pleasure of playing lies in hearing the rumble of the lowest bass notes and the light chiming of the high treble.
Today in Al-Anon I am learning to play a new instrument -- myself. I am a person with the capability to experience a wide range of emotions, from love to joy to wonder. I am profoundly grateful for laughter and light spirits -- and also for anger and fear, because all of these feelings are part of what makes me whole. I believe that my Higher Power wants me to be fully alive and fully aware of all my feelings: The crashing crescendo of great anger, the sold chant of serenity, the heights of wonder, and the new insights that stretch my heart and mind just as my fingers stretch to reach all the keys in a challenging chord. I am learning to play richer sounds than I ever thought possible.
Today's Reminder
Today I will appreciate the full range of feelings available to me. They make my experience of life full indeed.
"I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable . . . but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing." Agatha Christie

Slogans for Today - how important is it, let go and let God, First things First

Gratitude List
1) health, health, health
2) family
3) friends
4) my doggy
5) yellow helmets with orange suns on them.  ;)


  1. Love that you quoted Agatha Christie! More of my response coming in a message.