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Saturday, August 6, 2016
One of my favorite daily meditations...

This is a day which God has given into my hands. If I could only realize what a tremendous gift this is, I would use every moment of it to make my life more serene, more rewarding. I would not look back over my shoulder at the disappointments of the past -- I would not anxiously contemplate the future. I would live -- just for today -- as well as I can. I would put aside critical thoughts of others. I would notice interesting things -- the expressions on people's faces, a plant growing on my windowsill, the grace and charm of a child, an arrangement of clouds. Today there are wonders all around me, if I will open my eyes and enjoy them.
Today's Reminder
Let me not be so preoccupied with thoughts of my grievances and troubles that today's good can escape me. Today I can begin a new way of using my minutes and hours, a new way of looking at my surroundings and the circumstances of my life. I will make this day one I can look back upon with pleasure and satisfaction and a preparation for the days to come.
"Today is all the time I have. Nobody can keep me from using it well. If I make this a good day, tomorrow can be even better."

Feeling very blessed and grateful this morning.  

Gratitude List
1) Local friends
2) Faraway friends
3) An education
4) L's silly hair
5) Internet, heat, phone, air conditioning, etc.

1.  Nature
2.  Laughing with my kids.  
3.  Gardening.  I love love love the feel of fertile soil in my hands.  I love the deep earthy brown stuff from the store (although I'm sure I could create it, if I was better at gardening, haha).  I love using plants from the garden.  Although, I seem to have a "brown thumb" (aka not a lot of experience with gardening), it brings me great great joy!


  1. I try to remind myself of this: "If I live in the present moment, I won't have a past to regret or a future to worry about." My bad/unhealthy choices usually stem from either looking backward to too far forward.

    I would love to see your garden!