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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Passage 1
Living with alcoholism taught me that it was best not to hope for anything. The lessons were too painful -- I would get excited about something, only to have my hopes shattered. As time passed and hope diminished, I fell deeper into despair. Eventually I shut down my feelings and refused to care or to hope for anything at all.
Through Al-Anon's Twelve Steps, I am discovering a spirituality that allows me to believe that there is every reason to hope. With my Higher Power's help, regardless of my circumstances, I can feel fully alive in the moment and enjoy this feeling. The painful lessons of a lifetime are not unlearned overnight, but Al-Anon is helping me to learn that it is safe to feel, to hope, even to dream.

Today's Reminder
It is risky to care -- I may be disappointed. But in trying to protect myself from pain, I could cut myself off from the many delights that life has to offer. I will live more fully today.
"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." Samuel Ullman

Passage 2
We hear it over and over again, in both AA and Al-Anon: this program is spiritual, not religious. Each of us must find our own way to Heaven and the Al-Anon teachings reinforce our faith in the way we choose to worship, whatever it may be. If our dedicated practice of Al-Anon helps us make a Heaven on earth, no religious faith would quarrel with this happy outcome.
Yet sometimes a member, devoted to a particular religion, may try to win others over to her faith, virtuously convinced that she is only trying to help. This can lead to confusion and many difficulties, and may indeed result in creating a rift in a marriage whose foundation is a common faith.
Today's Reminder
It is emphasized in our Traditions and in much of our literature that a) we are not affiliated with any other organization, and b) that the tenets of any faith can be applied with the Al-Anon program.
"I pray for the wisdom not to involve myself with the personal lives and beliefs of others, and to help them only by means of Al-Anon principles. 

I do believe that the most influential people are those that live their faith.  Someone trying to convince or argue you into believing, is cutting off connection.  But, I think focusing on your own journey and then sending out prayers for others that they come in their own time.... much more authentic and respectful!!

Passage 3
I was raised by two alcoholics, and I felt angry that I had to attend a support group to deal with this fact.. I had not chosen my parents or their problems. Yet I was faced with the repercussions of their drinking. I resented my parents and begrudged giving up time to attend Al-Anon. At least the spouses of alcoholics had the choice of marrying the person. I had no choice about who my parents would be.
My group allowed me to stew in my resentment. They let me rail against Al-Anon, and no one insisted I be grateful for alcoholics or for the program. They simply told me to keep coming back. I shared my discontent, complained that it wasn't my fault, and ranted and raved about my parents. Gradually I found myself actually looking forward to my meetings. I was glad I could go to a safe place where people understood and accepted me. I became a grateful, recovering member of Al-Anon.
With the group, the Al-Anon tools, and my Higher Power, I learned that although my parents may initially have been responsible for many of my problems, the solutions were up to me. I finally grew up in Al-Anon. I've grown so much it's hard to remember the old me. Although my parents have not chosen recovery, my relationship with them continues to improve considerably as I apply the Al-Anon principles to my interactions with them.
Thought for the Day
I many not have grown up the way I wanted to the first time, but I can grow up all over again in Al-Anon.
"Today I am growing by leaps and bounds. I've learned to focus on myself, not the alcoholic. Al-Anon has given me many things -- from friends to tools for living -- but most importantly, Al-Anon has given me a life of my own!"


  1. I can totally relate to Passage 1. It's a recurring theme in therapy. I'm not a risk taker at all. I can also relate to Passage 3. I'm actually reading about reparenting right now.