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Thursday, September 1, 2016
**This was from a few days ago.  I just noticed it wasn't posted.

Last night, I had trouble sleeping after a wake up with the girls.  An Al Anon friend shared that she goes through the alphabet listing everything she's grateful for... A - Al Anon, B-, etc. etc.

Loved this suggestion and found it useful in refocusing my mind.

Passage 1
Normally my Sponsor would recommend a gratitude list when I felt low, but one day, when I complained about a family situation, he suggested that I list all the things I was unhappy about. Several days later my depression had passed, and when I told my Sponsor about the terrific day I was having, he suggested a gratitude list. He thought it might help me to refer to it the next time I felt blue. That made sense to me, so I complied.
When I went to put this new list in the drawer where I keep my papers, I noticed the earlier list and read it once more. To my surprise, my list of grievances was almost identical to my gratitude list -- the same people, same house, same life. Nothing about my circumstances had changed except the way I felt about them. For the first time I truly understood how much my attitude dictates the way I experience the world.
Today's Reminder 
Today I recognize how powerful my mind can be. I can't always feel good, and I have no interest in whitewashing my difficulties by pasting a smile on my face.
But I can recognize that I am constantly making choices about how I perceive my world. With the help of Al-Anon and my friends in the fellowship, I can make those choices more consciously and more actively than ever before. 
"Change your thoughts and you change your world." Norman Vincent Peale

Today hasn't begun how I would have wanted it to, but it has only just begun.  I can change it around at any time and I have faith that I will.  I actually know that I already need a nap, so self care will be high on my list.   I have faith that getting outside at the nature center will reinvigorate me, as well. 

-  J has a trial music lesson today 
-  I wanted to take both girls to the nature center again today.  
-  we have home "school" today
-  There is a kids activity at the mall, I was thinking about going to.
-  I had some problems cashing my check yesterday, so need to try again today.
-  I wanted to check out the local library next to J's new preschool. 
-  I need to launch advertisements for my online program.  I wanted it to start in October, which means advertising needs to start ASAP.  
- Need to check the oil in my car

I think "First things First" will be important today.  Not all of those things are important and some can be combined.  

Gratitude List
1) Grateful for public libraries!
2) Grateful for my car.
3) Grateful for my doggy eating up scraps.
4) Grateful for J doing chores!!!
5) Grateful for health 


  1. What chores does J do? And what in the world do you come up with in your list for Q, X, and Z? lol

  2. J does a LOT of chores actually. She helps me load and unload the laundry, food prep, vacuum, swish the toilet and wipe down the top and sides, fold and put away clothes and pick up around the living room. It's been SOOOO much fun. She's really excited to go spend some at the Farmer's Market tomorrow.

    And, I've never gotten to Q, X and Z, haha. But, I am grateful for my qualifier, because he's helped me learn so much. I don't need them often, but X-rays seem like a good thing, haha. Or Xtroardinary people in my life and Z..... the local ZOOs, of course!