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Monday, September 5, 2016
Well, I stayed up all night working and tending to the girls.  I feel fantastic because I got a lot done, but I'm a little worried for how I'll feel later.  I probably did get an hour of sleep.

Today is church... one client... and then cleaning up and just relaxing.  Also, I really want to launch this program.  I need some more funds before I can do it, but if I want to try to start this in October, I need to start selling ASAP.  So, I'm developing the content now.

Some of us, after long enduring misfortunes we didn't know how to cope with, reached a breaking point. In our hopelessness we even felt rejected by God, so we never thought of turning to Him for help. 
A wonderful thing about Al-Anon is that we are encouraged to renew our faith in a Power greater than ourselves. We may have thought we were beaten, but we had merely forgotten that God has given us the strength and the means to hold up our heads and live. We learn once more to identify ourselves with the Divine Principle that rules us all.
Today's Reminder
The sure knowledge that God is always with me, and expresses Himself through me, will guide me in every difficulty. This is the source of confidence and strength that will help me to face life in an entirely new way. His help will make possible a wholesome detachment from the problems that do not belong to me.
"Let me add a spiritual dimension to my life; then I will never be alone in dealing with whatever troubles may appear."

As we let go of obsession, worry, and focusing on everyone but ourselves, many of us were bewildered by the increasing calmness of our minds. We knew how to live in a state of crisis, but it often took a bit of adjustment to become comfortable with stillness. The price of serenity was the quieting of the constant mental chatter that had taken up so much time; suddenly we had lots of time on our hands and we wondered how to fill it.
Having become more and more serene as a result of working the Al-Anon program, I was surprised to find myself still grabbing for old fears as if I wanted to remain in crisis. I realized that I didn't know how to feel safe unless I was mentally busy. When I worried, I felt involved -- and therefore somewhat in control.
As an exercise, my Sponsor suggested that I try to maintain my inner stillness even when I felt scared or doubtful. As I did so, I reassured myself again and again that I was safely in the care of a Power greater than myself. Today, I know that sanity and serenity are the gifts I have received for my efforts and my faith. With practice, I am learning to trust the peace.
Today's Reminder
Today I will relish my serenity. I know that it is safe to enjoy it.
"Be still and know that I am with you." English prayer