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Monday, October 24, 2016
I slept in this morning for the first time since I can remember.  Yes, it was riddled with interruptions from adorable children, but it was the sweetest medicine I could find. 


That's all it took!  And I am refreshed!  I am going to talk to Hubby about making this a regular thing.  At least once a week. 

Aside from the sleep, it is a magical morning due to the rain.  We are going to gear up and get outside!  I feel most alive when outside and I know it gives the children something I can not provide indoors. 

Alrighty................ to my passages.  Since my computer broke, it has been hard to carve out the time.  Now is the time!

One evening at a meeting, there seemed to be an unusual number of complaints from members about not having what they felt entitled to, or about the alcoholics’ behaviors and generally about their sorry lot in life.

One, a forthright person, spoke up.

“You know, all this sounds as though some of us were childishly expecting life to be entirely free of problems. I recall a long-ago radio comedienne whose favorite line went something like this, ‘Well, you have to take the bitter with the better.’ That’s pretty good Al-Anon philosophy, too, because it tells us we have to accept some unpalatable experiences along the way, never forgetting, at the same time, to keep an eye on the good things.”

Am I expecting everything in life to be just the way I want it? Maybe I ought to take a good look at those expectations and see if they are realistic for my particular situation. If I’m constantly reaching for the moon, I’m going to miss a lot of pleasant things right here in my little world.
“The Serenity Prayer is excellent medicine for discontentment.”

**WOW!  This is so good for me to hear.  "Am I expecting everything in life to be just the way I want it?"  I think the answer is yes!  And I've always heard the expression, "If you reach for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars."  And that IS me.  I do want the moon.  I run a successful tutoring business.  It gets filled without me even advertising.  I get to stay with my kids most of the day and live in an adorable 2.5 bedroom home.  And yet, I am constantly discontent.  Wanting more money, a bigger house, a house I own, etc.  It is insanity!  Grateful for this message this morning and I think I'm going to make some affirmations for myself repeating what I just did here.

Category: Gratitude, One Day at a Time

The process of recovery in Al-Anon has been likened to peeling an onion. We peel away a layer at a time, often shedding a few tears as we do.

But recovery always makes me think of the bark of a birch tree. The birch’s bark is necessary for protection, yet as the tree grows, the bark peels away gradually of its own accord. If it is removed prematurely – by a deer scraping his antlers or a porcupine searching for food – the tree is wounded and becomes vulnerable to infection , fungus, and insects.

Like the birch tree, I can be wounded if I am prematurely stripped of my defenses. Most of us have spent a significant amount of time trying to cope with these wounds from the past rather than growing and changing. But in Al-Anon I am encouraged to grow at my own pace. AS I do, I find some of my defenses and ideas too tight, too limiting. And so I slough them off, just as the birch releases its old skin. They are no longer needed. 

Today’s Reminder
I have an innate ability to heal and to grow.  I don’t need to force myself to change. All I have to do is show up and be willing. when I am ready, the changes will come easily.
“. . . We all have our own answers within ourselves and can find them with the help of our Al-Anon program and a Higher Power.“ . . . In All Our Affairs

**I have a new favorite quote!  This is one of the attitudes I enjoy best about Al Anon. 

Category: Time takes time

My years in Al-Anon made me aware that I need to be careful about how I hear and interpret certain words. Consider "defects of character" and "shortcomings," which are found in Steps Six and Seven respectively. I came into Al-Anon believing I was responsible for bad things that happened and that I was "bad" or "defective." Years of meetings have led me to think otherwise. I now view my problem areas as survival skills that served me well while I was growing up. Now they work against me, preventing me from living a serene life. Today I have Al-Anon and its tools to thrive, not just survive.

I can also run into problems with the words "searching and fearless" in Step Four. To cope with the blaming and criticism in my home, I became a perfectionist. It's all too easy for me to interpret "searching and fearless" as "perfect." Then I end up frozen with fear, thinking I have to take the perfect inventory, which by my somewhat still twisted standards would mean inventorying every single, tiny word and action I had ever committed during my lifetime. I could drive myself insane! It helped when a member reminded me that when a grocer takes an inventory, he or she inventories what stock is on the shelves *today*, not what was on the shelves yesterday or the day before. That idea makes my inventory seem much more manageable. All I need to do is consider the things about myself that are bothering me and getting in the way of my growth, just for today.

Thought for the Day
Paying attention to how I listen, and how I interpret what I hear, can aid my recovery.
"If I can get my mind off my own problems and really listen ...I'll learn a lot more today ..." Alateen -- a day at a time, p. 227

Category: Step 4

Slogans for Today: One Day at a Time/ One Moment at a Time,  Let it begin with Me


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