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Sunday, November 13, 2016

ABC's of Gratitude

From an al anon group I'm in.  I absolutely treasured this, so want to jot it down.  A different member wrote in for each letter.  I feel a VERY healthy group of individuals.

A- Al-Anon for giving me my serenity back.
B - is for Belonging. I will always have a place in Al-Anon.
C - is for courage 
D -is for Don't. Let God do it 
E - is for Empowerment. I have learned through Alanon to be confident. I am empowered to make good decisions for myself.
F - is for Friendship. Especially Al Anon friends. Don't know where I would be without my friends. The family you choose.
G - is for GOD of my understanding.. My most treasured gift of my program
H - is for honesty that has set me free. (alt. HALT)
I - I, as in me myself and I, keeping the focus on myself :).
J - the joy I allow myself to have now. Not focused on my qualifier.
K- Kicking the bad habit of enabling and interfering with God's plans.
L-Let go and let God!  (alt.  L loving myself accepting my HP loves me)
M- Mind my own business, I am not my qualifiers Higher Power, keep the focus on me.   
N - Notice. Notice and sit with my feeling before making a choice about how I want to respond instead of react.
O - opportunity to start fresh each day and reboot my behavior each moment
P - is for patience, for every person and for every moment.  (alt. prayer)
Q - Quit Taking It Personally. Most Alcoholics don't even remember what they've said or done..... We can learn to separate the person from the disease.
R- Relax, God's got it covered.  
S - is for serenity! (alt. service)
T - is for THINK-Is it TRUE, Is it HELPFUL, Is it INSPIRING, Is it NECESSARY, Is it KIND?
U - is the lovely universe we live in, with it's Majesty beauty, serenity of nature, and kindness, if we look for it.
V- to value my own opinion
W- Waiting before I react.
X - X-ing out the negative beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of stinking thinking, and replacing them with new ones that give life and help us live happy, joyous, and free lives.
Y- (take) Your own inventorY.
Z - Zen, the state of inner calm.  (alt. Z - live life with zeal)

** I was NOT expecting this when I saw A-Z gratitude.  What a treasure.  

btw.  My kid are covered in GLITTER.   Yes, GLITTER, as I write this.  They look a bit magical.  I left the office to get some water.  Glitter EVERYWHERE.  

Me: Oh, J.  Don't you remember yesterday when you asked if you could use the glitter and I told you it's for a Christmas present.
J: Oh, yes, Mama.  I saved some just for YOU! ::And hands me the glitter packet with a tiny bit left::

It will be a quick enough clean up and J will help.  I was laughing on the inside, though.  Even my dog is covered with glitter, poor little guy. But, seriously, writing these journals and even writing out this A-Z is completely and totally worth it.



  1. Great list! I like D, E, N, and R. Did you contribute a letter? lol about the glitter! I remember glitter wars between the cross country girls and boys.