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Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Good morning, World! 

J inherited some ballet slippers when she was a newborn and they FINALLY fit.  So, now, she wants to find a dance stage.  I will see what I can do.  I'm sure I can be creative. 

Finding sitters has been a mess this week.  Yesterday, I had two cancellations.  I feel bad for my poor clients, but they seem to be extremely extremely patient, nice and flexible. 

I love my job.  But, it is really hard to leave my little girls.  J has been crying when I talk about babysitters coming.  That being said, she seems to enjoy when they come mostof the time. Luckily, L doesn't have the same anxiety problems that J did when she was little.  That was really rough.

It's time for me to work on my online business again.  I had such great momentum and then just burned out. 


Let's do some passages...

Special celebrations were always hard while I was growing up in my alcoholic family. The atmosphere always seemed sad because Dad used to get depressed before holidays. Now that I'm grown, holidays are still hard and Dad still gets depressed. The difference is I don't live at home anymore, and now I'm a member of Al-Anon.

In Al-Anon I learned I have choices. I can let go of the parts of my life that are not under my control and I can take charge of the parts that are. Even in the midst of the sadness I felt while growing up, I knew life had to be more fun than what I experienced. So, with the help of the program and the people in it, I decided to act on that knowledge. I reclaimed the holidays for myself in ways both small and large. I bought pairs of earrings that symbolized each celebration, and I even bought matching socks!

I never liked writing and mailing holiday cards, so I stopped. The most wonderful holiday tradition I have started is spending time with my friends and spiritual family in recovery. We celebrate many holidays together, and we always have a great time. This way, if I do decide to spend some holiday time with my family and accept the challenges of that choice, I also celebrate with people I trust to accept me as I am. I may not have enjoyed many holidays while growing up, but I can start enjoying them now.

Thought for the Day
My friends in the program help me heal my childhood by creating happier memories today.
"I knew deep down inside that God had not created me to feel sad, but I needed to learn how to get out from under that feeling:' The Forum, May 1998, p. 8

It is strange to think that many groups are hardly aware of the Twelve Traditions and their importance in keeping an Al-Anon group strong and united.

The Traditions guard us from the destructive effects of dominance by individual members. They make us all equal, so we can work together in harmony to achieve our spiritual growth and understanding.

When each member of the group is familiar with the Traditions and helps to make them work in the group, we are safe from many of the hazards that beset people who come together for a particular purpose.  In Al-Anon, conflicting views become merely differing views, so our problems can be solved with tolerant understanding and mutual respect.

When problems arise, we refer to Chapter 10 of “Living with an Alcoholic”, where we find explanations and solutions arrived at through the Twelve Traditions.

Today's Reminder
I will make it my business to familiarize myself with the Twelve Traditions of Al-Anon so I can do my part toward promoting growth for the group and each member in it.
"Our common welfare should come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends upon unity." (Tradition One)

** My sponsor has hinted that she doesn't think I should stay with Hubby (which really isn't program).  I don't know if she is actually hinting this or if I am just perceiving it that way.  Anyways, I am wondering if I am seeing her differing view as a conflicting view and therefore have more emotion/importance tied to that.  She has told me that she doesn't consider herself judgmental and she has been careful about not specifically saying what she thinks.  Anyways............. moving on.

Al-Anon is a spiritual recovery program. The word, “Recovery” implies that we are regaining something we once possessed but have lost or set aside.

In the confusion of living with active drinkers, I lost track of my spirit. Life was a survival game, a daily grind of fear and hard work. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to help. Perhaps that’s because I was trying to do it all by myself.

In Al-Anon I have come to know that I have a resource within me and all around me that can guide me through the most overwhelming fears and the most challenging decisions, – a Higher Power. Regardless of how I define that Higher Power, it is real to me and has always been here for me. I am so grateful to have recovered that connection to my spirituality, for in doing so, I have regained an essential part of myself. As a result, today my life has a sense of purpose that makes each moment a precious gift.

Today’s Reminder
I am a spiritual creature, capable of faith, hope and an appreciation of beauty. I have an unlimited source of strength and comfort at my disposal. Today I will take the time to cultivate that spiritual connection.

“Half an hour’s meditation is essential except when you are very busy. Then a full hour is needed.“ Francis de Sales

** I like the idea of recovery as regaining my spiritual self.  This connection is something I feel so sporadically.  Yet, there have been times in my life where it felt much more tangible. 


  1. "My friends in the program help me heal my childhood by creating happier memories today." Love this idea. This reminds me of something Dr. Moore said about retaking ownership of things tainted by someone else's addiction.

    "I am wondering if I am seeing her differing view as a conflicting view and therefore have more emotion/importance tied to that." I do this all the time.

    I also like the quote about needing a full hour of meditation when busy. Same with prayer. When we don't think we need it or don't want to do it, that's when it's most important.