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Sunday, November 13, 2016
It is a lovely Sunday morning.  My body is tired, but I am excited to spend the day with my family. 

I'm just going to throw out some gratitude.... that I'm not worried about Hubby drinking today.  He's doing great with his program.  Reluctant, but great.  Last night, we had a talk about parenting, which I'm also grateful for.  Just a few things I wasn't super comfortable with.  He agreed with me and told me would try.  When I asked him why he was doing that stuff, he said, "I don't know, I didn't have that great of a childhood."  That was something I had NEVER heard from him before.  Although, of course, I knew there were all kind of abuses in his childhood.

Anyways, I am babysitting a friend's kids today.  J is super excited.  We switch off  a couple times a month.  Maybe one day we will use them for a date night or something fun.  So far, it's work for us (when we are in a jam and can't find another sitter) and a date night or lunch for them.  The daughter is J's best friend and I was a bridesmaid in their wedding.  It is so much fun watching their kids and reminds me of what an awesome and intentional mama I can be.  Watching four instead of two, def. gets me moving much more than just with two (as I currently write this and let my kids destroy the house -haha).

Passage 1 - Listen and Learn
"Listen and learn" is the Al-Anon prescription. We could all make good progress if only we would cultivate the knack of listening--uncritically--do everything we here at a meeting, or from an Al-Anon friend.

It sometimes happens that the words of those who are unschooled, or those who are negative and confused, can bring us a sudden gem of thought that will help us. If we're concentrating on dark thoughts about our own problems, we could be missing something that might help us overcome them. If we are contemptuous of some downtrodden, unkempt mortal, using ungrammatical language, our attitude may deprive us of a unexpectedly helpful idea.

Today's Reminder
An old hymn says: "I will listen for Thy voice, lest my footsteps stray", which may remind us that His voice speaks to us even though the least of His children.

The essential quality of good listening is humility. A holier-than-thou attitude can walk out much that we need for our guidance.
"It is the privilege of wisdom to listen."

(O. W. Holmes)

**It is the privilege of wisdom to listen.... I like this!

Passage2 - first things first
I read somewhere that the things that are urgent are rarely important, and the things that are important are rarely urgent. I can get so caught up in the nagging, trivial matters of day-to-day life that I forget to make time for more important pursuits. The Al-Anon slogan I find most helpful in getting my priorities in order is “First Things First.”

Today, maintaining my serenity is my first priority. My connection with my Higher Power is the source of serenity, so maintaining that connection is my “First Thing.”

If I imagine I am in a dark room and that my Higher Power is my only source of light, then my best hope for navigating around the furniture will be to bring that source of light with me as I move through the room, but my passage is sure to be slow, confusing and possible painful.

Today’s Reminder
As I think about what to do with this day, I will set some time aside for what is really important. I will put “First things first” today.
“Let us spend one day as deliberately as Nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito’s wing that falls on the rails.“ Henry David Thoreau

Passage 3 - program tools
Once upon a time, a new member came to Al-Anon, full of trouble and confusion. She was a willing learner, studied the Steps and tried to use them. The Miraculous Change (the one we’re all searching for) came to her quite soon, and everyone marveled. One evening, she was asked to speak.

 “I was eager to get the program, so I read all the Steps at once before starting to work on them one by one. One word in the Eleventh Step stopped me: meditation. Each morning, I set aside ten minutes, and tried to keep my mind on one subject, thinking of all its elements and qualities. At first, I concentrated on the idea of this day to which I had awakened. I’d say, ‘Here is a day full of hours and minutes in which nothing has yet happened. I’ve made no mistakes, suffered no trouble.’ 

Just then, my willful mind switched over to the happenings of the days just past, and I found myself reliving all the horrors. ‘Stop!’ I said, ‘You’ve lost track of your meditation!’ and back I went to the contemplation of this one single unmarred day. Again, my mind took off in another direction: dread of tomorrow. And again, I brought it back to the subject of today and its unlimited possibilities.
“Gradually, it grew easier to make myself concentrate on one idea, without straying into the thoughts of resentment and fear. I am sure these meditations are giving me a sense of reality about my life. I use it on the Steps, on the Serenity Prayer, and on any helpful spiritual idea. It really works.”

**I like how it describes the real trouble of meditation.  And also of negative self talk.  


  1. "The essential quality of good listening is humility." Beautiful. My therapist is an incredible listener. He not only remembers what his patients say but also the exact session when they said it!

    Passage 2: I put a lot of effort in today to take care of my serenity after a bad night yesterday. I still got distracted with unimportant things and old habits but I did get in a lot of self care today.

    Passage 3: I really need to make meditation priority again!