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Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Well, in the purpose of vulnerability.  I'll keep my rant up from last night.  I'm a mess today.  There are some great things!  J and I are working on CHRISTMAS cards!! 

My sister paid for us to get photos taken a few weeks ago and we got some really sweet ones of the girls.  We got the cards yesterday and started addressing and decorating envelopes this morning.  It was so fun!  Shiny things and crafts and teamwork = joy to me. 

Sweet little L is feeling better and I'm so so grateful.  She was so sad and uncomfortable last night.  Still slight fever this morning when on fever reducers, so I stayed home.  She is enjoying cuddling in my lap and being carried around.  An occasional babble.  Her baby talk right now sounds like a little bird.  It is the best!

Okay, about 6 hours later (how did that go by so quickly!)  The passages were really wonderful today.  L just went down for nap.  Her fever spiked again, but fever reducer is really really helping!


Just for today, I will not be afraid of anything. If my mind is clouded with nameless dreads, I will track them down and expose their unreality. I will remind myself that God is in charge of me and mine, and that I have only to accept His protection and guidance. What happened yesterday need not trouble me today.

This is a brand new shining day and I have it in my power to make it a good one just by the way I think about it and what I do with it.

If I live just this one day at a time, I will not so readily entertain fears of what might happen tomorrow. If I am concentrating on today’s activities, there will be no room in my mind for fretting and worrying. I will fill every minute of this day with something good – seen, heard, accomplished. Then when the day is ended, I can look back on it with satisfaction and serenity.
“I recall the words of an old ditty that said, ‘Never trouble ‘trouble’ ‘til trouble troubles you’.”

**This was just what I needed to read this morning.  JUST what I needed to read.  

PASSAGE 2 - Keep it simple
How often have I had a dream I longed to pursue, but quit before I started because it seemed too enormous a task to attempt? Going back to school, moving, taking a trip, changing jobs, all these and many other goals can seem overwhelming at first.

Al-Anon reminds me to “Keep it simple.” Instead of approaching the task as a whole, I can simplify it by taking only one step at a time. I can gather information – and do nothing more. Then, when I’m ready, I can take the project further. This takes some of the pressure off having to know all the answers and solve every problem that may arise before I’ve even begun.  I am also free to try something and then change my mind. I do not have to make a lifetime commitment before I even know whether or not my goal is desirable.

My plans may involve many actions and many risks, but I don’t have to tackle them all today. I can take my time and move step by step at my own pace. By focusing on one thing at a time, the impossible can become likely if I “Keep it simple.”

Today’s Reminder
With the help of Al-anon and my Higher Power, I am capable of many things I could not even have considered before. I may even be capable of pursuing my heart’s desire.
“All glory comes from daring to begin.“ Eugene F. Ware

** I feel like I need to memorize these last two.  Another that just spoke to me this morning, as I am writing about needing to make more money.

PASSAGE 3 - Parents

My parents argued again the other day. My alcoholic father decided to end his relationship with my brother for not giving him a birthday card. My mother wanted to continue the relationship with her son, and all came to a head when Dad took Mom to the hospital for a simple eye operation. Along the way he announced he was divorcing her for talking to my brother. He saw her communication with her son as a betrayal.

When I went to visit Mom in the hospital, I found her crying. I felt so sorry for her. In Al-Anon I have learned alcoholism is a disease that affects everyone in the family. I had already forgiven my mother for neglecting me during her preoccupation with my father’s drinking. I had been making daily Step Nine amends to my mom by treating her better, but I had never made formal person-to-person amends. Now was my opportunity.

I took her hand in mine. I kissed her tears away, the way I wanted her to do for me when I was a child. I told her all my good character traits that I finally realized had come from her. I shared with her how grateful I was that she was my mother and how much I loved her.
I held her, and we cried together in joy and love. We talked about the disease of alcoholism, my father’s alcoholic thinking, and how we both thought it was easier for him to think of divorcing her than it was to lose her through surgery. As I left she said she felt better. I felt close to my mother for the first time.

Thought for the Day
“…If I have worked the Eighth Step and become truly willing to make amends, I believe the opportunities will arise when I am ready.” Courage to Change, p. 163

**Wow!  What a powerful passage.  To be able to treat your mom in a way you wish she had treated you.  So wonderful! And then also to be able to see the dad's heart message, since he had never learned to communicate for himself.  


  1. We got our Christmas card yesterday. It's adorable! Thank you. And the boys still remember your girls. I really appreciated the wisdom in passage 2. I also agree with your comments about passage 3.