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Friday, December 30, 2016
As I work through my exploration of self, I'm slowly reading through Clarissa Pinkola Estes book called, "Women Who Run With the Wolves."  

I made a little bookmark for it and on that bookmark, I wrote, "The retrieval of intuition."  

Intuition.... trusting my self.

This is part of the journey that is an imperative.

p. 30-31  Estes shares with us a story of Four Rabbinim who are taken to see the "Seventh vault of the Seventh heaven."  This in itself means very little to me.  What I do know is that these men experience a deeply spiritual experience that goes beyond rational and literal understanding..... very similar to experiences when tapped into our instinctual self and higher power.  Estes continues to tell us, that one of the rabbinim loses his sanity, one is skeptical of what he saw and pretends it was only a dream, one becomes obsessed with this experience and spends the rest of his life focuses on what it was and what it meant, and the last is bettered from the experience, appreciating life more for it.  

She follows up this story with analysis (as she follows all her stories).....  And here is the quote I wanted to grab for this blog.

p.31 Jung cautions in his magnificent essay, "The Transcendent Function" that some persons, in their pursuit of the Self, will overaestheticize the God or Self experience, some will undervalue it, some will overvalue it, and some who are not ready for it, will be injured by it. 

I think I could have a tendency to be the over analyzer.  I also find the description of the person who was injured because he/she is not yet ready.  This reminds me, once again, why pushing is inappropriate.  We are ready to take our own steps at our own time and being pushed into it can actually be injurious.  

There was so much more in this wonderful chapter that I read, but I will tap into that in a bit.  In the mean time, I'm enjoying the empowerment of folklore and thorough, yet romantic analysis.