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Sunday, January 15, 2017
Today, I'm in a good place.

I'm feeling grateful....... that I've got to be in love.  I'm feeling grateful for all the adventures I've gotten to go on and things I've gotten to do.  I'm feeling grateful for my wonderful wedding and for my amazing kids and for continuing to get to go on adventures.

I'm less worried about what is right or wrong or my future and just. feeling. grateful.  I'm not sure what spurred this feeling, but............. you can probably guess........... I'm grateful for it.  

I have a lot of family pictures with all of us in the picture and a key hanger that says _____ family, established 2007 and our wedding photos, etc.  I'm grateful for all those things.  And I hope to always be grateful for our love story.  And I know I can pull it apart.  I've spent the last year or two doing that......   thinking, "I thought that was my story, but in reality, there was a back story I didn't know."  And that is true.  The back story exists.  But, even with that... with imperfection and infidelity, there was so so much that was good.  and I'm grateful.  

I hope I can stay with this mindset, because it is also a mindset which will benefit my kids and stop me from saying bad things about their dad and my hubby or ex hubby.  I had someone call today who was kind of asking for details.  And when you express your gratitude for the relationship, you avoid going down a path of............... well, being the type of person I don't want to be.

I told a little of his story, but I do think gratitude is what got me from saying even more.  authentic gratitude.