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Sunday, January 8, 2017
Whooo!  It was a good day.  We spent the morning at a local zoo, the afternoon picnicking with friends.
And yet, my roller coaster continues.  Hubby contacted me this afternoon in between zoo and friends to tell me that the new places he may go to, at least the temporary ones, won't accept cats.  He has a friend who's talking to his friends at the humane society.  He's going to turn them in.  If they don't get adopted in three days, they will put them to sleep.

My jaw drops.

These are OUR cats.  OUR cats!  The ones we adopted 9 years ago.  The ones I researched before getting.  They know their names, they know tricks.  They are our family members and he is just willing to let them be put to sleep without even asking anyone else if they could take them in?  It's actually unbelievable.

He told me he "had no choice."  But he hasn't asked ANYONE, including me, if we can take them.

I immediately told him that I would take care of it.  Of course, I will.  I wish he had asked earlier.  My mom won't let me have them here, but I will do everything in my power to find a place for them, even if it means paying for boarding for a few months.

I just can't fathom how my romantic story turned into such a disaster.  And Hubby could be manic or hypomanic now or drinking (who knows), or just himself.

\He sent me a message today that said, "Oh, I thought the world of you.  I thought nothing could go wrong.  But I was wrong.  I was wrong."

It is so true.  And I'm on a down again.  And I'm just so tired.  And I have so much to do and it doesn't seem like it's going to get done.

First things first.

I'm going to sleep.

I'm going to do a tiny bit of work.  And then I'm going to sleep.

And I'm going to be grateful.  For the many many many many things I have to be grateful for.


I needed to write it out.  I feel a little bit of weight released.

Good night, dear Journal!


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