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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
I am excited to post today.  I received a formal written notification from J's school just confirming that they told me about her behavior and our conversation, regarding moving forward.  It was just a repetition of our conversation, but was difficult to read.  I felt a dark weight come over my body.  It doesn't change what I know about my daughter or how I love her and how I feel there is zero malicious intent in her behavior.  Every day, I do affirmations with J.  One of things I have her say is, "My mama and papa love me exactly as I am."  It's true.  We do.  And I also think she is pretty incredible and just learning in her own way.  

Anyways....... it's making me really focus on giving the situation over to God.  I kind of want to observe the gymnastics portion with her today, but think I will stay here and get this written out instead.

I'm proud of my little girl.


Moving on.

Passage 1 - Step 2, Step 3
Even those of us who have no particular religious faith, or who have lost faith we once had, may reach such extremities that we cry out in desperation for help. We pray involuntarily, we pray to Something, some unknown power, to relieve us of our unbearable burdens.
Before I found Al-Anon, in my confusion and despair I asked for help in this way, but the next moment I would begin to worry again about what was going to happen next. If we do finally ask for God's help, we must do so with absolute confidence. It is fruitless to take back into our own hands the problem which our powerlessness forced us to turn over to Him.
Today's Reminder
We are imprisoned by our own inability or unwillingness to reach out for help to a Power greater than ourselves. I will set myself free from the prison of self-will and pride which I myself have built. I will accept freedom.
"With the help of my God, I shall leap over the wall." (Book of Common Prayer)

I loved this so much!  As a former high jumper, I really like the last quote, as well.  I've been focusing a lot on visualizing giving things to God.  I do believe it's helping.  I feel like every day, maybe I should just start by handing things over.  Handing over my job situation once a day isn't enough.  But, every time it slips into my mind.  

Grateful.  And while it's fruitless to take back into our own hands the problems, I do think it's part of the process and happens.  As we get better at giving our problems to God, my hunch is that we take them back less and less.  Maybe I should visualize myself waving my hands saying, "No way, Jose!!"" when the problems try to come back to me.  :)


  1. I'm sorry about J. Lucky for her she's in good hands. :) Although my children behave well in public and are beloved and praised by all, it's a different story at home. It hurts that I don't receive the same respect they give other adults.

    Your passage reminds me of James 1:5-6, 8.

  2. I hadn't thought if it that way, but could definitely see how that would be hurtful.