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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
It's sprinkling outside.  We are exploring the backyard, examining snails and slugs.  Breathing in the clean fresh air...........listening to the birds chirp with delight and the rain drip drip drop.  

It. is. invigorating.....

Nothing makes me feel more alive than being outside on a rainy day.  


Anyways, we've had a few snail casualties.  It'll happen when you have an almost two year old walking around in sequined black boots with a solid two inches of fur at the top.  While running to say, "Buenos Dias" or "Hiiiii" to one, she inevitably steps on another.  So far, she's only stepped on two.  It is J is playing the snails music on their harmonica.  

Update: Yesterday, J's adventures at Spanish school ended.  I appreciate the teacher very much, although I do think it is inadequacy in her training that led to her being unable to handle J.  She told me that J was very smart.  That she learned words after hearing them in class only one time and was a good model for the rest of the students during story time.  That she raised her hand, stayed seated, was not afraid to answer questions in Spanish, and did well in rotating activities.  Apparently, it was unstructured time that was difficult for her..........and gymnastics.  I think she may have lasted longer at a bigger preschool.  Either way, it was a learning experience for all.  I have no idea if we will have a  similar situation at a new school or if this will be an anomaly.  But, it is part of her story.  I'm glad to hear that she loved learning.  That is good.  

Anyways, while I'm soaking up the rainy morning  (I'm actually writing this from our covered patio), I'll do some passages.

HFT - Higher Power, Step 2
When I came into Al-Anon, I didn't know how to meditate. I thought meditation and prayer were crutches for people who couldn't stand on their own two feet. My sponsor, bless her heart, has since asked me what is wrong with crutches. Sometimes we need assistance.
Well, I decided to open my mind. Now when I think about meditation, I think about my dog. My husband and I take her along on our bike ride almost every night. She runs in front of us in the park, and every so often--especially when she gets to a fork in the path--she stops and looks back at us. She seems to be checking to see if we are still with her and asking in which direction we want her to head.
That's what meditation is for me today--little moments in my day when I can check to make sure that my Higher Power is still with me and ask for direction as I bound off down the road on my journey through life.
Thought for the Day
Even if it seems trite or foolish at first, today I will practice one program tool that I may have previously disregarded and keep an open mind to the results.
"Prayer is asking our Higher Power for guidance and direction in our lives. Meditation is listening for a reply." Alateen--a day at a time, p. 102


  1. So cute about the snails! Lol. I hope you are able to find a better preschool fit. I love the alateen quote at the end. Sums it up nicely.