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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Passage 2 - Fear
Doubts and fears that the sober alcoholic may not keep his sobriety are contrary to the Al-Anon way of thinking. Do we let ourselves doubt that "he'll make the program?" Are we uneasy when he gets home later than expected? Do we jump to the conclusion that he has started drinking again? This we must overcome! Such an attitude cannot be concealed and our lack of confidence can do untold damage. The person who is trying to maintain sobriety needs our loving trust. Even if a relapse should happen, that injury is not to us, but to the unfortunate who once again was overcome by the compulsion to drink. This is a time to stand by with patience and compassion. Let us not punish the alcoholic or ourselves.
Today's Reminder
I will carefully guard my own mental sobriety. This gift from my Higher Power will express itself in a quiet, reasonable attitude, regardless of what happens.
"I pray that I may not fall into the error of anticipating trouble. If it should come, let me meet it with equanimity and love."

Well, this was convicting.  I have fallen into this way of thinking.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it or punish myself though.  Will move forward with "loving trust."  I know, in my own life, when someone doubts that I will succeed, it absolutely destroys me.  I don't need to be doing that to anyone else.  


  1. I think I love this passage more than any other. It applies to me on both sides, though it touched me more as the addict. Whenever you feel those thoughts coming on, imagine hubby is me. I know you wouldn't treat me with anything but kindness because that's how you always have treated me. I understand it's not quite the same, though. I haven't hurt and disappointed you in the ways that he has, and I have chosen recovery. But maybe it will help a little?

  2. It does help, Thank you!! I think fear is what gets in my way. Fear of being hurt again. And I think that's where faith comes in, as well.