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Thursday, March 23, 2017
Well, today is a "Papa" day and we are having so much fun.  I really do love our little family unit and understand why it took me so long to leave.

We are a good match.

I'm a bit embarrassed by my flaws.  But, that does no good.  Instead, I can use the awareness, acceptance action model.  Those beautiful 3 A's.

On another note, our bell pepper and tomato plant is thriving.  It makes me so happy!

Anyways............  I had a few minutes and thought I'd jot some joy down.  Almost bed time at our house.

Oh and J just walked up to me and said, "I think I've decided to grow up!"  Oh, J!!!  For a long time now she has been very resistant to the idea of growing up, saying "I don't want to grow up."  I always validate and say a lot of people don't want to.  I tell her that I enjoy growing up, but it's VERY common that people don't like the idea.

How cool that she's embraced the future unknown......... my cautious girl.  Yay to the universe!!


  1. The idea of Neverland is definitely appealing to many. What a wonderful moment to witness!