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Friday, June 23, 2017
Now that I'm in touch with my intuition, I don't hold back as much as I once did. Al-Anon has taught me that when something feels right, I can trust it is the right thing to do.

I take in typing projects at home and recently typed the family chronicles of an elderly customer. Because it was a 500-page endeavor, we worked together for several months. It was a delightful project, and I grew fond of her. When the project had been completed and we said our goodbyes, I reached out spontaneously to give her a hug.

She stiffened, however, and didn't return the embrace. Apprehension reared up in me, and I backed off. We parted company with just a few words. I questioned myself during the next few days. I was sure I had stepped unknowingly over an invisible line. It was a terrible feeling.

The customer returned later to give me something. During our visit, she shared with me how much the hug meant to her. She said it felt so good she started hugging others. She even began asking her husband, sons, and grandchildren for hugs.

I was astonished at how differently we had each perceived the same situation. My sponsor suggested that the more I healed, the more I'd become a messenger of the program while God choose the message. Who knew I'd be used in such a delightful way to spread a little warmth of the program?

Though for the Day 
There are so many ways to work the Twelfth Step as there are stars in the sky. "We who have lived in anguish for so long have discovered a way to live in serenity, one day at a time, and our greatest joy is to share this way of life with others." As We Understood . . ., p. 231

I remember this one from previous years.  And I am grateful for it. 


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