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Monday, June 5, 2017
Journaling on the first two meditations this morning was super peaceful.  The third has been stressful.  I took a painting break with the kids.  Painting is often stress relief, but we had a glitter accident in the house and although it is calm now, I still feel hot blood racing through my body.  Luckily, I can be intentional about shifting my attention.  The glitter is cleaned up, except for a few specks that will make life more sparkly, J is cutting out a rainbow she drew and L is sorting markers and crayons.  And I am cuddled into the arm of the sofa with my laptop and a meditation.  My heart rate is still going a little fast. But, it's calming with awareness of my sense.

5 things I see:  Bubbles, a shiny silver plastic bracelet, flower pajamas, an organic red bell pepper, yellow kid scissors that don't even work on paper.
4 things I hear: A bird occasionally tweeting in the yard, the sound of a crayon clicking against other crayons as L returns it to the box, sequins rubbing against one another, an airplane (this is a 5th, but my breathing)
3 things I a touching: smooth keypad on my laptop, upholstery of the sofa, thick cotton of my sweatshirt on my skin
2 things I smell:  my lotion, glue?? (I think I need to make some nice mint tea)
1 thing I taste: ??/ saliva?

Anyways, just took a call to get the kids on another wait list for child care.  So, fingers crossed.  And I'm pretty regulated.......and ready for some tea.   

10-20 min later............ my last meditation.  :)

CTC - Step 3
The Third Step talks about placing my will and my life in the care of a Higher Power. For me, this Power is a presence that loves me as I am, that accepts me with compassion on the bad days as well as the good. Once I have accepted that the destructive presence of another's alcoholism has affected my life, I need the benevolent influence of a Power untouched by this disease. What I do in turning over my will and my life is to become receptive to guidance; I become willing to accept the care of a Power greater than myself.
I think of this care as a source of love and support that surrounds me in my daily life. I do not need to earn it or to work for it; I need only be receptive to it. I continue to have a will to exercise and a life to live, but I do so bathed in a light of love and understanding.
Today's Reminder
When I open my heart to a Power that fills me with love and acceptance, I can begin to extend those qualities to others. I may not do it perfectly or even consistently, but I can recognize my progress one day at a time.
"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." Elizabeth Barrett Browning

When I open my heart to a Power that fills me with love and acceptance, I can begin to extend those qualities to others.  I truly believe this!


  1. I love that last quote too! My experiences have humbled me, and I believe humility is essential to loving and accepting others.