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Sunday, July 2, 2017
In my search for help in coping with the effects of growing up with alcoholism, I accumulated shelves of books on psychology, religion, and a variety of self-disciplines As a child I felt I could count on no one, and I was suspicious of asking others for help. I preferred to seek a solo form of assistance from books.
I started attending Al-Anon meetings sporadically, but I still didn't feel comfortable reaching out to the people there. Ironically, given my preference for the written word, I didn't grasp the idea that thousands of real-life Al-Anon experiences were available to me in Conference Approved Literature. It didn't dawn on me that this literature, right at my comfort level, could be my entree into Al-Anon and into the experience of turning to others for comfort and guidance.
A friend of my family who attends Al-Anon meetings noted my struggle and gently shared with me the benefits she found from reading CAL. Aware that someone genuinely cared, I decided to buy my first Al-Anon book. I read it at home alone and pondered it for quite some time before I decided to give regular attendance at Al-Anon meetings a fair attempt.
Now I'm slowly accumulating a full library of Al-Anon publications by purchasing them at meetings and studying each one in turn. I've even mustered the courage to discuss my readings with other members. The insights garnered have turned my suspicion into trust. I've come out of my solitary personal library into the welcoming human world of Al-Anon.
Thought for the Day
Any entrance into Al-Anon is valid, even if at first it's not the door to the meeting place.
"Our literature is a principle means by which Al-Anon growth, unity and service are facilitated. The influence of the many thousand books and pamphlets . . . is incalculable." Al-Anon/ Alateen Service Manual, p. 182

I appreciate this.  I am broken and hurt and an individual.  I'm going to work in the best way that I work and it may not be in the way of others.  I am coming to peace with the fact that my path is my own and whatever is at my comfort level, is ok.  I'm going to trust myself and that is one of the biggest lessons al anon has taught me.  That inside of me is wisdom from my higher power.  It's in ME.  

Ok..... and that's a wrap.  Until the morning.  


  1. It's in ME. --so hard for me to accept and believe