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Friday, July 7, 2017
Ok, this is a post dedicated to Mrs. Beason, based on my previous entry.  My one reader (haha), may also know this particular teacher.

Carole is a retired Elementary School teacher with professional experience as a Master teacher and Art Program Curriculum Coordinator for the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD). Her efforts resulted in the creation of an Annual Art Fair for her school, Richland elementary, which became a tradition at the school that is going on each spring to this day.  Additionally she established a theater and symphony field trip program for the school.
Carole has been recognized with several District and Community awards for Art education, including Who’s Who in Teaching. Carole has a B.S. in English through U.C. Berkley and San Diego State University. Graduate studies including credential requirements, was accomplished at United States International University.
Carole has been involved in the growth of The Kid’s College and is now active on the Kid’s College Board of Trustees.
This memory that popped up during my last entry was of someone who was able to show me love and act in the "loving parent" role, even though she was a teacher and our interactions did not go far outside of the classroom.
What do I remember of her?  
She gave hugs that were almost uncomfortably long, for us 5th grade students.  She loved my reading and would encourage the whole class to clap for me after I read.  She was a big fan of the arts and apparently had some pretty big achievements in our little school and town, including an annual art fair, a symphony trip and an after school club for advanced learners.  She gave us advanced learners freedom to put on performances for books we had read, she did a unit on monet and was very excited that I was in musical theater.  I thinks he also gave me an extra credit assignment to write a 20 page report on a topic of interest.  
And, of course, she retired the  year we had her...... and she cried a lot during the retirement ceremony.  My friend and I made her a video goodbye and she accepted it lovingly, tearfully and with big hugs.  This is all through a 10 year old's memory.  
I wanted to spend a moment thinking of her, being grateful for her and hoping to be a bit like her.  She is still around and perhaps I will send her an email, if I see her address.  I am sure she has made a positive difference in many lives.  


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